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We live in anxious, distracted and disconnected times.
Daily we hear stories that dizzy us with uncertainty and fear.
We need stories of beauty and hope.
We are moving into the time of Lent.
A time when we prepare for the mystery of the Easter story.
Yet it can be hard to enter into the story of Easter on our own.
Familiarity can dull the edges.
The strangeness can be distancing. 
We want to help you enter into it. 
To provide space for you to encounter the beauty of Jesus and his way.
To find yourself in the story.
To hear how it speaks to you right here and now.
Over the six weeks leading up to Easter, we will provide short guided reflections on a few key moments in the Easter story. 
We will read from scripture, offer a reflection, and make space for you to enter the passage.
Whether you've never heard the story before or you've stopped counting we hope you join us.

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Each week has three short podcasts and an image/icon. 

Created to help you reflect and then respond to the story.


We read a passage of scripture and you identify what stood out to you.


We read the passage again, we share a reflection on the passage, and you identify what connects to your life right now.


We read the passage a final time and you respond to the passage.

Ways to respond

On the third day, we are inviting you to respond to the scripture. 

Here are some suggestions for how you might respond:

  1. Write in your journal unfiltered thoughts to God based on what has stirred over the last three days (often called freewriting). It could look like anything - poem/prayer/story/random thoughts - let what comes come. 

  2. Draw in your journal what has stirred over the last three days. 

  3. Sit in silence with an open heart and mind - waiting for or resting in the Spirit.

  4. If you have a go-to creative expression (music, painting, whatever) feel free to respond through them. 

What can you expect from us?


Our Enter Lent series will be focusing on the last week of Jesus' life. During each week of Lent we will meditate on one story for the entire week. We hope you are able to step into the story and catch a glimpse of the beauty of Jesus and his way. 


Each week we will release three short podcast episodes (around 10 - 15 min). We will release them consecutively on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. 


If you've subscribed to our site we will email you in the morning with a link to the podcast. You can also subscribe to the podcast directly on your favourite podcast platform. Alternatively, you can follow us on Instagram and we will post the podcast as a video. 


We will send out an icon in the newsletter and on Instagram. Mark Compton is creating these as a prompt to help us enter the story.


A few people let us know they are looking to engage with the podcast with a small group of friends. 


Here are some options:


Listen to the podcast episodes together with friends. If you don't live with your friends, it may be tricky to arrange for all three.


Just listen to the third episode together, then have a time of responding on your own and a time of sharing together. 


Meet up after everyone has listened to all the episodes that week. Here is an example small group discussion guide as a starting point for you to change and shape your group.

  1. Open with gratitude

    • Something you are grateful for from your week.

    • Something that inspired you this week.

    • A moment you enjoyed this week

  2. Read the passage out loud together 

  3. Discuss - share your thoughts on the following questions

    • What stood out to you? What did you notice?

    • What did you admire about Jesus in the story?

    • How did the story connect to your life or your context?

    • What questions stirred in you?

  4. Share - Share your creative responses with each other 

    • Treat this as an act of prayer and a step towards deepening community 

    • This is invitational only (no one has to share) 

    • Try to avoid discussing the responses - simply receive them as you would a prayer 


We are so thankful you are joining us on this journey. If you need anything during this time please let us know. 


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